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European Projects

DIMITRA Educational Organisation has provided, for more than 25 years, high quality Initial and Continuing Vocational Education and Training (VET) services to the entire country, training over 3.000 people per year. Since its establishment in 1989, our organisation has participated in several transnational projects exchanging know how and transferring a high degree of expertise regarding both methodology development and production of practical solutions matching specific vocational and professional development needs while enriching our national training activities and projects with the employment of innovative participative tools and methodologies towards the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and sustainable development. Additionally, DIMITRA actively participates in various European networks and transnational exchanges developing a continuous flow of valuable know-how towards the overall functioning of the Organisation.

In the last seven years, the Development & International Cooperation Department refocused its activities and participated in over 65 projects – many of which have been selected as Best Practises- in collaboration with an extensive number of organisations from Greece and European countries, integrating the principles of Sustainable Development and Total Quality in VET provided, strengthening Qualifications and Skills, while promoting entrepreneurship and establishing start-ups in the Creative Industry, Tourism, New Technologies and Green Jobs. Particular attention has been given to the enhancement of the our counselling services with innovative participative tools and methodologies in the areas of employment and integration of specific social groups and immigrants, while promoting equal opportunities and combating social exclusion. In that context, we have implemented several integrated Local Sustainable Development & Employability Plans.

ECOdesign4EU - New training contents and joint VET qualifications on Ecodesign for Creative and Cultural Industries
CERF-Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competences
FATIMA - Preventing Honour Related Violence by education and dialogue through Immigrant NGOs
PR-ERF - Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training
EGNATIA VAE - Cross-Border Vertical Axes of Entrepreneurship in Support of Youth and Women
ECLN - European Cultural Learning Network
ONSCENE - Organising New Skills for Creative Enterprise and Networks in Europe
CS.Tour - Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Key Competences in Toursim
INMATOUR - European Manager for Intelligent and Responsible Tourism Destinations
MYBUSINESS - Empowering entrepreneurial skills and unleashing potential of unemployed seniors
GETIR - European manager for Intelligent & responsible territories
EUPA_NEXT - Validation of formal, non formal and informal learning: The case study of Administration Personnel
igma3 - Shortening Distance to Labour Market for young people with risk for unemployment and social exclusion - Distance Education for Coordinated Measures by Regional Stakeholder Networks
Q-Spirit - EQAVET in practice
NEW START - Life coaching and mentoring empowerment for women for a new start
igma2 - “EU Integration Agent” – Development of the European Professional Standard for effective counselling of the low-skilled into labour market through adult education
igma - EU Integration Agent – Innovative Guidance Methodology for Integration of Low-skilled Immigrants into Adult Education
PEER REVIEW for EQAVET - Facilitating a Common Quality Assurance Framework through Peer Review for VET
AQUA.TS - Automatic Control Quality. Tool System
LEXOP - Lex-Operators. all together for women victims of intimate partner violence
EMKIT - Empowerment Kit for Immigrant Women with Low Educational / Working Experience
MUVI - Developing strategies to work with men who use violence in intimate relationships
CQAF-online - Common Quality Assurance Framework-VET, a provider online model
CQAF VET - Operational Model of “Common Quality Assurance Framework” at VET-provider level
Certi.MenTu - Certification of Mentors and Tutors
EUPA - Validation of Formal, Non Formal and Informal Learning: The Case of Personal Assistants
INMA - Innovation Management Agent
European Outplacement Framework - Vocational Support for People with Difficulty on Employment Access
DIGEM - Digital Empowerment
JS TOOLBOX - Methodological Toolbox for Development of New Skill for Future Jobs
EQLEARN - Learning for Equality and Empowerment-Learning for ALL
Conscious Senior e-Citizen - Conscious Senior e-Citizen
STEP - Supporting Talent to Employment Programme
WISAR - Economy Oriented Lifelong Learning Strategies In The Region
G.S.R. MODEL - Governmental Social Responsibility Model: An Innovative Approach of Quality in Governmental Operations and Outcomes
SusTEn - Sustainable Τourism Entrepreneurship Mechanism: Approaching Territorial Sustainability through Developing Tourism and Culture based Entrepreneurship
MESSE - Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises
Human Rights in Practice - Human Rights as a part of language training to prevent HRV and harmful practices in the communities
Job Broker - Job Broker: Competency and learning development for Job Brokers in the EU
ACT.Work - Active Citizenship and Decent Work
SY-CULTour - Synergy of culture and tourism: utilization of cultural potentials in less favoured rural regions
Igma-Femina - Shortening distance to education / labour market for migrant and refugee women through gender-sensitive counselling and local cooperation strategies
Q4ADHD - Quality Assurance in VET for learners with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
QUASER - Transparent qualifications for boosting the quality of services addressed to asylum seekers and refugees
ED2VET - Employer Engagement in Design and Development of VET
QC-VET - Promoting quality culture in VET
DVCI - Domestic Violence: Coordinating the Strategic Intervention
EcoMentor - Implementation of the certification model for mentors in the subsector of eco-industry
SELF-EMP - Self-employment for migrants and refugees with low literacy skills
SK.IN - Skills for Inclusion
Innovative Public Procurement Opportunities and Networking - IPPON
An Innovative Toolkit for Trainers for the Development of the Digital & Numeracy Competence for Low Skilled Adult - IntoDIGITS
Supporting the transition of handicraft teachers and trainers to the Digital Age - CRAFTS 3.0
Developing and nurturing the vocational transversal skills of disadvantaged young people through creative, non-formal learning in unconventional spaces - CREUS
Evaluation of WBL learning outcomes in EQAVET framework - L.O.W.E.
Quality standards for evidence-based vocational education: indicator 5 and 6 of EQAVET - QSE-VET
ARIVE - Accepted, Resettled, Integrated, Valued and Employed -
SCOPE-Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurship -
EmindS - Development of an Entrepreneurial Mindset In Ηigher Εducation -
InCommon Toolbox. Cultural and Educational Interventions for the exercise of the Active Citizenship of Migrant Women - InCommon
Youth Entrepreneurship Advanced Pathway - YEAP!
Innovative teacher training social entrepreneurship - EnSoEd
Bridging the Gap: new mentoring methods for young creative entrepreneurs in Europe - BtG
EQF oriented assessment tools for prior learning in adult education - Toolkit for RPL
Strengthening Employment and Education Skills for Integration - refugee, migrant and asylum seekers - SEESI
Generating Social and Human Capital for Third Country Nationals - MINGLE
L2C - Learn to Create - Promoting Work-based Learning in Europe's Cultural and Creative Industries
Certification and Qualification for Europe’s Job Brokers - CQJB
In2C - Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction sector
Conference on Evidence based VET
ILDE: first newsletter
iSurvive - Digital Roadmap for designing online interactive content
dTour - Introducing Digitalisation for Boosting SMEs in Tourism and Hospitality
iCREATE - Boosting Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurial Mindset
MAYFAIR - Mobility For All: the Fair Choice
ILDE - Integrated learning & Digital evaluation
Against Bubble
RENOUVAL: Brochure of the Project!
CREATIVE AGORA - The CREATIVE AGORA: empowerment and education through participatory and community arts
INSPIRE - Inspire Students Entrepreneurial Thinking to Drive Discovery, Creativity and Innovation
IIoTNet - Industrial Internet of Things VET Network
Skills Swap - Sharing Skills for Work-Based Learning in VET for Europe’s Hospitality Sector
QA-HEVET - Aligning HE and VET instruments
e-Eupa Validation of Formal, Non Formal and Informal Learning for Administration Personnel through Asynchronous Electronic Learning and Online Assessment
VET for NAI - Facilitating integration of newly arrived immigrants into labour market trough adapted vocational/labour market guidance
NEARVET - Network of Excellence for Applied Research in VET
DigitalSkillsWallet - Acquiring and Assessing Digital Competence using Micro-credentials
Sectoral EQAVET for design and delivery of VET
IEEDO - Increasing and Enhancing Effective Digital Opportunities for refugees and migrants