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ONSCENE – Organising New Skills for Creative Enterprise and Networks in Europe

Duration: 01-11-2012 – 31-01-2015 (27 months)
  • COLLAGE ARTS, United Kingdom
  • Universita’ Delgi Studi di Perugia , Italy
  • Associazione Culturale MULAB , Italy
  • Scenografia International , Italy
  • Enfap Uil Toscana , Italy
  • Euromedia Production Services, Spain
Authority: European Commission
Program: Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

Project Description

“The purpose of the ONSCENE – “Organising New Skill for Creative Enterprise and Networks in Europe” project was to value and improve the educational and cultural potential of scenography and stagecraft sector and to contribute to the enhancement of training and employment opportunities in a highly inter disciplinary field within the creative industries. The main project’s outputs were to: – contribute to the growth of cultural and educational awareness about scenography and stagecraft professions – improve skills profiles in the light of qualifications framework (EQF) and European credits recognition systems (ECVET), – experiment teaching and learning methods promoting intergenerational approaches, matching handicraft knowledge with new technologies. “