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iSurvive – Digital Roadmap for designing online interactive content

Duration: 01.06.2021 – 31.05.2023 (24 months)
  • SGGW, Poland
  • DIMITRA Education & Consulting, Greece
  • CRES, Italy
  • ITPIO, Bulgaria
  • UNWE, Bulgaria
  • Folkuniversitetet, Sweden
Authority: European Commission
Programme:    ERASMUS+


The ‘iSurvive’ project aims to prepare academics to be able to develop online content that will actually achieve the expected learning outcomes by keeping students interested and involved, to develop the competencies of HE lecturers academics in order to be prepared to transform their lectures and in class activities to online ones that keep their students motivated, and foster their own well-being as they won’t feel like teaching an empty screen.The objectives of the project are: to research both the needs of lecturers/academics and the students; to develop a guide that will help designing an online course that will be didactical effective; to create an app guiding towards appropriate open online applications for successful eLearning course Interactive content creation; to develop and pilot a MOOC training course that academics and lecturers can follow in order to get trained on how to design interactive and effective eLearning courses.