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VET for NAI – Facilitating integration of newly arrived immigrants into labour market trough adapted vocational/labour market guidance

Duration: 20.01.2022 – 19.07.2024 (30 months)
  • Trim tab AB, Sweden
  • DIMITRA Education & Consulting, Greece
  • FISPE, France
  • Revalento, Netherlands
  • Effebi, Italy
Authority: European Commission
Programme:    ERASMUS+


The ‘VET for NAI’ project aims to create tools for early and effective integration of newly arrived immigrants (NAI) into the labour market through integrated training, which targets to enhance the host country language as well as technical skills in their job field.

The project addresses the need to promote swift integration of NAIs into the labour market through strengthened cooperation and mobilization of employers and social and economic partners in each country. Collaborating partner countries are Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Italy and France.

The project aims to create a Guidance Toolkit, that will provide NAIs with the complementary skills and competences (technical and linguistic), to enable them to better respond to the requirements of labour market needs in their new countries. This will increase their accessibility to European labour markets and will foster their inclusion into their host countries’ societies.