Quality standards for evidence-based vocational education: indicator 5 and 6 of EQAVET – QSE-VET

Duration: 01-12-2017 – 30-11-2020 (36 months)
  • Rinova Ltd , United Kingdom
  • Effebi Association Banking , Italy
  • FACO , Denmark
  • Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten Lunds Universitetet, Sweden
Website: https://qse-vet.eu
Authority: National Agency Sweden
Program: ERASMUS+

Project Description

QSE-VET aims to elaborate guidelines for VET providers concerning indicators for measuring the quality of acquired competences takes into account the requirements of companies and industry. The Guidelines aims to engage and motivate VET providers to introduce different elements and dimension of evidence-based vocational education and training (EBVET) and how to measure the effectiveness of their VET programs. During the project lifetime, the following activities will take place:

  • Awareness raising through guidance and marketing material for EBVET
  • Study on gaps in policy and implementation of EBVET in EU
  • Development of guidelines and methods for quality assurance approached