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PR-ERF – Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training

Duration: 01-12-2013 – 30-11-2015 (24 months)
  • Folkuniversitetet , Sweden
  • DOCUMENTA- Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo, Spain
  • Rinova Ltd , United Kingdom
  • M.M.C Management Center Limited, Cyprus
  • Revalento, Netherlands
Authority: European Commission
Program: Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

Project Description

The European Reference Framework (ERF, 2007) identifies and defines, for the first time at the European level, the 8 Key Competences (KC) that all citizens require for their personal fulfillment, social inclusion, active citizenship and employability in our knowledge-based society.

The main aim of PR-ERF project is to develop HOLISTIC methodology for recognition and development of ERF KCs as a package of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that all individuals need to acquire through CVET for personal fulfillment, development, inclusion and employment. Project results include interactive training curricula and methodological tools for the development through CVET of the 8 ERF key competences in the sector of personal assistants, assessment tool for validation of students` training needs corresponding to EQF level 3, e-learning platform and Training for trainers