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Other Services

Our organization has developed and operates an Integrated Tele-training system (e-dimitra), which is supported by specialized computer scientists, trainers and technicians. This system has been developed based on the philosophy of constructive learning through social interaction, focuses on learning through social interaction of participants in conjunction with having access to specially designed and structured educational eLearning material. The role of the trainer is to provide not only a body of knowledge and skills but also guidance in an educational experience. The instructor’s coordination of the training activities and discussions aims to help learners to achieve their learning goals.

The education platform is an integrated environment of contemporary e-learning reducing the cost of transportation and providing all aspects of the conventional method, utilizing technologies that allow – images, audio and presentations in addition to the coursework – the active participation of learners in the learning process.

ΕIn addition, it was designed in order to achieve a comprehensive training process, which is close to the positive aspects of traditional education, maintaining the characteristics of the autonomy of the trainees and flexibility in relation to time and learning pace. For this reason, it provides the trainees with high quality interactive digital educational materials, integrated interactive tools, while it reviews and monitors their progress.

Additionally, the system supports communication between the trainees and trainers, constituting a collaborative learning experience. The participants communicate in a “synchronous” (on line chat) and “asynchronous” (forum, e-mail & mailing lists, personal messages) way, creating a modern electronic educational community, which is an ideal starting point for cooperation and further training

The rapid and profound changes in the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural spheres highlight the urgent need for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills of citizens to enable them to meet the growing demands of their personal and working lives.

Knowledge accreditation, offers a significant advantage to the student, the unemployed, the worker of the private and the public sector, especially when it has an International and European dimension, and becomes a focal point of strengthening human resource mobility and integration in the job market. At the same time, it alleviates disparities and limits the exclusion due to lack of qualifications and skills.

Our organization, trying to satisfy our customers’ requirements for high quality services, and pursuing the connection between education and the upgrading of qualifications, is working with the most renowned certification bodies and implements training programs leading to certification in both basic and specialized skills helping them to respond to a growing technological labor market.

Within the delivery of programs and advisory services to the unemployed and businesses in the private and public sectors, our organization undertakes a multitude of activities in an effort to strengthen employability and support equal opportunities for all. We have elaborated a number of research studies with regard to:

  • the exploration of the training needs of the workforce,
  • entrepreneurship and business prospects at regional level,
  • the possibility of implementing new forms of employment,
  • the application of new technologies in business etc.

At the same time, considering constant contact with the labor market necessary, we carry out, on an annual basis, a series of studies aiming to assess the effectiveness of our training programs, their impact on the professional lives of trainees, the integration rate in the labor market and other similar information.

Our company has organised and co-organised several workshops and conferences, either on behalf of our clients or to inform our partner institutions and the wider public for our activities.

Scientific, business, educational and other meetings and events are organized with professionalism, absolute consistency and respect for the customer by promoting creative ideas and coordinating projects demanding actions.

The building infrastructure with the most advanced and modern equipment, combined with the highly trained staff are a guarantee for the success of events undertaken by our institution. We provide:

  • secretarial and technical support,
  • press releases to newspapers – radio – TV,
  • organisation of press conferences and interviews,
  • photography and video coverage,
  • recording and minutes transcribing.


Our company offers for rent modern facilities, rooms, amphitheater, in five (5) strategic parts of Greece, for the organisation of events, seminars, meetings, lectures, conferences and workshops, providing secretarial administrative and technical support.