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MUVI – Developing strategies to work with men who use violence in intimate relationships

Duration: 01-02-2007 – 28-02-2009 (25 months)
  • Comune di Bologna, Italy
  • Casa delle donne per non subire violenza ONLUS, Italy
  • Centro ATV – Alternative to Violence, Italy
  • Società ITD -Innovacion, Trasferencia y Desarrollo , Spain
  • AEDA, Agenzia di Sviluppo del Comune di Atene, Greece
Authority: European Commission
Program: Daphne

Project Description

The MUVI project aims to raise awareness among the public and among those who work in the social field on the problem of men’s violent behaviour against women in intimate relationships. The idea of men taking responsibility for violent behaviour is promoted, the question of how to deal directly with the perpetrators of this violence is explored and the possibility of introducing therapeutic or educational programmes for them is verified.

The outputs of the project include among others:

  • Action research on the perception, representation, behaviour and problems regarding the perpetrators of violence, involving personnel from various public sectors (social and health services, law enforcement, magistrates) who have title in dealing with the problem of violence in intimate relationships and grassroots activitists from different associations;
  • Training sessions for those who work directly in the field with men who use violence;
  • Creation of a group of experts to analyse fundamental aspects – cultural, political scietific and technical – linked to the introduction of programmes for men who use violence;