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igma – EU Integration Agent – Innovative Guidance Methodology for Integration of Low-skilled Immigrants into Adult Education

Duration: 01-12-2011 – 28-02-2014 (27 months)
  • Folkuniversitetet , Sweden
  • DOCUMENTA- Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo, Spain
  • EDIT C , Cyprus
  • Revalento, Netherlands
  • IREA–Romanian Institute for Adult Education, Romania
Authority: European Commission
Program: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)

Project Description

EU Integration Agent project developed a new methodology for improvement of counseling services and staff qualifications of the network of stakeholders dealing with different aspects of integration, namely: a) Public Employment Services (PES) officers, b) adult education providers, c) NGOs working with various disadvantaged groups, d) different kinds of voluntary organizations. The specific aim of this project was to develop new methods for active cooperation between the stakeholders for effective integration of unemployed immigrants into adult education, through an emphasis on 3 main issues, namely: (a) individual integration plan, (b) commitment between the stakeholders and (c) progress management approach as cooperation strategy. Focusing on these three main issues the project offered to marginalized immigrants new pathways and guidance through improvement of integration services at the network of stakeholders working with this target group.