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GETIR – European manager for Intelligent & responsible territories

Duration: 01-01-2011 – 31-12-2012 (24 months)
  • DOCUMENTA- Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo, Spain
  • Folkuniversitetet , Sweden
  • BDA – Bulgarian Development Agency, Bulgaria
  • IREA–Romanian Institute for Adult Education, Romania
Authority: European Commission
Program: Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

Project Description

The general aim of the project was to respond to the demands of the local development sector where the same training and skills have been used for the last 15 years. The project developed the GETIR Professional Profile of the “European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories” defining the new management skills required according the Intelligent and Responsible Territories model (IRT).

Alongside to the GETIR Professional Profile, the results of the project include the GETIR Curricula, Training Syllabus and an on-line tool for the European training of this “European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories”.  This blended learning pedagogical tool was validated from the perspective of an EU sustainable local development model, which was flexible and adaptable to the reality of each country. Lastly, a virtual community 2.0 of GETIRs was created which enhanced dialogue and exchange among professionals and territories in all partner countries.