EUPA_NEXT – Validation of formal, non formal and informal learning: The case study of Administration Personnel

Duration: 01-09-2015 – 31-08-2018 (36 months)
  • M.M.C Management Center Limited, Cyprus
  • Orbis Institute , Slovakia
  • CIPFP- Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional Misericordia , Spain
  • NUCZV – Narodny Ustav Celozivotneho Vzdelavania, Slovakia
  • Kypriaki Eteria Pistopoiisis, Cyprus
  • Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus
  • European Management Assistants, Cyprus
  • Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V., Germany
Authority: European Commission
Program: ERASMUS+

Project Description

EUPA_NEXT focuses on the validation of non-formal (NFL) and informal learning (IL) and its permeability with formal education pathway through the use of a formal accreditation system (ISO). It aims to develop a methodology for certification of non formal and informal learning of non regulated professions and at the same time to develop an EU certificate for administration personnel. EUPA_NEXT aims to assign credits to the qualification framework (levels 3-5) using ECVET and develop curricula and training materials for the trainer for the same levels as well as e-books for the learners. EUPA_NEXT will certify all curricula and training materials with ISO. Additionally EUPA_NEXT aims to develop an assessment for the certification of levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The assessment will be ISO certified with a relatively new standard ISO170324 that certifies personal competences.