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EQLEARN – Learning for Equality and Empowerment-Learning for ALL

Duration: 01-12-2009 – 30-11-2011 (24 months)
  • EDIT C , Cyprus
  • M.M.C Management Center Limited, Cyprus
  • Schulungszentrum Fonhsdorf, Austria
  • Vzdelávací inštitút COOP, Poland
Authority: European Commission
Program: Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

Project Description

A main problem identified in several EU countries is the fact that employment market is not easily accessible to everybody. The main aim of this project was to develop basic skills and competences in order to ease the access of the disadvantaged groups to the labor marker.  EQLEARN aimed to improve integrating European Reference Framework Key Competences for personal fulfillment, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge based society into the existing CVET curricula and training materials.
In order to achieve this, an innovative methodology was used that enabled VET providers and trainers to deliver the same curriculum but customized on the specific needs of each target group. Finally, an interactive e-learning platform for disadvantaged people was developed within the project’s activities. EQLEARN managed not only to assist disadvantaged groups, but generally to improve the quality of education, by incorporating ICT in lifelong learning.