Conscious Senior e-Citizen – Conscious Senior e-Citizen

Duration: 01-10-2009 – 30-11-2011 (26 months)
  • Omer Turkmen Educators Association, Turkey
  • International TEFL Certificate, Czech Republic
  • E-SENIORS association, France
  • Fundacion Cibervoluntarios, Spain
Authority: European Commission
Program: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)

Project Description

Undoubtedly, our constantly developing digital society makes it difficult for older people to follow change in its speed. The main objective of the project was to make older people’s life in modern IT World easier and more comfortable. A series of onsite courses for senior citizens covered topics such as Basic computer skills, the Internet, Communication, e-banking and e-shopping.

The participants of the project were able to take an active part in the exchange of European experience as they participated in a series of study visits which included ICT learning activities between partner countries. Lastly, the project partnership created the Senior Olympics which was an innovative quiz to assess the developed curriculum and training.