An Innovative Toolkit for Trainers for the Development of the Digital & Numeracy Competence for Low Skilled Adult – IntoDIGITS

Duration: 01-09-2017 – 31-05-2020 (33 months)
  • EDIT C , Cyprus
  • ERIFO, Italy
  • ITEE-PIB – Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute, Poland
  • FEH – Equipo Humano Foundation, SPAIN
  • MET – European Metropolis Employment Network, GERMANY
Authority: National Agency Poland
Program: ERASMUS+

Project Description

IntoDIGITS suggests the empowerment of low skilled adults by developing 42 trainer’s digital tools for the implementation of innovative workshops & activities that develop the numeracy and digital skills.

IntoDIGITS aims to:

–           Develop 2 Qualification Frameworks/Profiles for KCs 3 –Numerical/Maths & 4- Digital tailored for the specific target group in a specific context

–           Design 42 new workshops for the development of KCs 3 & 4.

–           Develop 42 online digital tools for the newly developed workshops for trainers for the development of KCs 3 & 4 and incorporate then in a new online tool (IntoDIGITS)

–           Develop a digital assessment tool that will assess the KCs 3 & 4 in link to the adult’s current position on the active citizenship (AC) scale.