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Tender Announcement

The CQJB – Certification and Qualification for Europe’s Job Brokers project coordinating partner DIMITRA and GSUB mbH as the work package leader, are seeking on behalf of the partnership an Evaluator, external to the partnership, to focus upon the summative impact and feasibility assessment.

In particular the external evaluation will focus on two areas.

  1. In the first area, the report will consider the short- and medium-term impacts in relation to the target and impact groups. It will consider questions relating in particular to the project outputs, in terms of the extent to which they have they been achieved as specified, and by assessing the extent to which they have led to the intended outcomes envisaged.
  2. The other area is the assessment of the potential for long-term impacts with the cooperation structure plans for building the Association of European Job Brokerage Certification Authorities.

Deadline for Submission of Proposals:  Friday, 25th September 2020, 14:00 CET

For more details please download the overall Commissioning Framework  here