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There is not only one approach to solving the gap between the labour market and VET, but there are at least three different ones. One approach is to try to update the curriculum to incorporate relevant innovations and developments. Updating becomes an indicator of quality for VET. Another approach is to close the gap AFTER leaving VET. VET becomes the training provider for generic skills and competences needed to function in certain work environments. VET becomes the provider of a workforce that is generally prepared to enter a sector, but sector-specific knowledge and skills are trained while already working. A third approach lies somewhere between these two. All three approaches require a form of responsiveness, which can be enhanced through forms of mutual participation, collaboration and engagement.

The Sectoral EQAVET project aims to support and inspire sector and VET representatives in making better matches between demand and offer, enhance feedback and offer directions for improvement.

Read the 3rd project newsletter at the following link:

Sectoral EQAVET newsletter