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We are happy to have hosted the kick off meeting of our newly approved Forward Looking project “GreenComp School” on 16th -17th  of March in Larissa!  GreenComp School is a Forward Looking European project aiming to achieve a sustainable mindset in the context of elementary schools based, upon the GreenComp European Framework.

The project will develop a Cross-sectoral “GreenComp” training of primary school stakeholders, for the promotion of a Sustainability Mindset based upon the GreenComp European Framework. GreenComp School is coordinated by DIMITRA Educational Organization in a partnership with organizations (Universities, School, VET, Directorates of primary Education, etc) from 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Sweden).

Partners had the opportunity to overview the foreseen project pathway and milestones. We discussed the expected results and the immediate next steps such as the field research and focus groups methodology for the engagement of all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure valid and sustainable project results!

Stay tuned! Over the next four years, the GreenComp School project will develop:

  • Revised GreenComp Framework for School Context
  • GreenComp School curricula and educational material (HE)
  • GreenComp School curricula and Educational material for teachers CPD (VET)
  • Participatory Activities and tools (3 class groups, all school disciplines)
  • PBL and Board Games for pupils and parents (one per class group)
  • E-learning platform with Green Comp training materials
  • Applications for Parent pupil PBL activities and games
  • B est practices for future trainings Guide for
  • GreenComp Fairs methodology
  • GreenComp policy recommendation Document