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On 17-18 October the 2nd meeting of the Erasmus+ Daphne European Project “Fatima2: Preventing Honor Related Violence against women through Social Impact Projects and Peer Learning led by young men”, in which the Educational Organization DIMITRA participates, took place in Rome.

FATIMA2 is developed from the idea and the work started with FATIMA. FATIMA focused on building the capacity of NGOs to address Honour Crimes. The overall objective of FATIMA2 is to contribute to ending Honour Crimes against women by promoting capacity building for attitude and behaviour change among men in social and cultural contexts where women are most at risk, particularly in segregated migrant communities.

During the meeting, partners discussed the development of the project and participated in brainstorming workshops to organize immediate next steps regarding the coordination of the Community of Practice and the training materials being developed for the young ambassadors of the project, who will raise awareness of honour-related violence among their peers.