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 The short-term staff training (C1) of the European Erasmus+  project “ENTRE4ALL – An Innovative Outreach Programme To Equip Adults With Disabilities With Key Competences (Social Entrepreneurial And Digital)” was held online between the 22nd and 24th of June 2021 and was completed with great success! The participants had the opportunity to get informed about the project, the educational pack – learning modules, activities – trainers’ lesson plans, and the e-Learning platform as well as its functionalities.
✅On the first day of the C1 training, the coordinator of the project (Center Ponovne Uporabe – Slovenia) presented a brief overview of the project’s purpose, and then Emphasys Centre (Cyprus) presented the e-learning platform (, the mapping tool with the LLL opportunities ( and Module 1 – Entrepreneurial Competences was presented by Center Ponovne Uporabe (Slovenia)
✅On the second day of the C1 training three learning modules were presented Module 2 – Digital Competences by RIC Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Module 3 – Financial Competences by Equalizent (Austria) and Module 4 – Social Competences by Emphasys Centre (Cyprus).
✅On the third day of the C1 training, seven optional modules were presented by Kentro AMEA Agios Lazaros (Cyprus).
The coordinator of the project is Center Ponovne Uporabe (Slovenia), and our partners RIC Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Dimitra Ekpaideftikos Organismos (Greece), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), Kentro AMEA Agios Lazaros (Cyprus) and Equalizent (Austria) for the great cooperation and training.
ℹ️ For more information, check out the website of the project: