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CREATIVE AGORA – The CREATIVE AGORA: empowerment and education through participatory and community arts

Duration: 01.01.2022 – 29.02.2024 (26 months)
  • FU Lund, Sweden
  • ARTERIA, Poland
  • RINOVA, Spain
  • URBANI SEPARE, Croatia
  • DIMITRA, Greece
  • UNISONS, France
Authority: European Commission
Programme:    ERASMUS+


The overall aim of AGORA is to design and develop contemporary and innovative practice in European adult education aimed at adults who are alienated by or excluded from traditional educational offers, through developing the educators who engage with adults in disadvantaged communities through participatory and community arts-based non-formal learning

AGORA will introduce methodologies used in the context of creative participatory arts practice as powerful innovative tools for advancing the goals of the EU Agenda for Adult Learning to reverse declining participation in adult learning, particularly amongst low-skilled, underqualified learners and those who formal education institutions find hard to reach, not only in effectively engaging with a range of marginalised and disadvantaged learners that more formal and pedagogical adult education institutions and methodologies find hard to reach, but also in empowering communities, and improving social cohesion and active citizenship.