Igma-Femina – Shortening distance to education / labour market for migrant and refugee women through gender-sensitive counselling and local cooperation strategies

Duration: 01-09-2016 – 31-08-2019 (36 months)
  • Folkuniversitetet , Sweden
  • Rinova Ltd , United Kingdom
  • Revalento, Netherlands
  • International NGO “Ukraine-Poland-Germany”, Vinnytsia regional department, Ukraine
  • 15billion, United Kingdom
  • Centrum för genusvetenskap, Uppsala University, Sweden

Website: //igmafemina.dimitra.gr
Authority: European Commission
Program: ERASMUS+

Project Description

The accessibility of migrant/refugee women to employment through engagement of the regional stakeholder networks (including employers) into guidance process in order to offer tailored learning/career opportunities is a prerequisite for the solution of the bias based on characteristics including gender and minority ethnicity and the unemployment challenges. The partnership of Igma-Femina project has a long experience of working with integration of vulnerable groups to the labour market through education/career counseling through the two previous projects igma, igma2 and igma3.

Originally igma methodology was developed with focus on needs of low-skilled immigrants, meaning that networks included migration offices, social welfare, adult education providers, public employment (PES), integration units at municipality, language courses. Group “migrant women” needs additional services when it comes to (reproductive) health, psychological support, and childcare services to ensure gender-sensitive approach. Igma-femina will map all organisations relevant for this process in each country to include them in the current stakeholder networks. Igma-femina will propose gender-sensitive analysis of current integration policies and operational work in partner countries. Lastly, EU-wide gender guidelines will be developed as a part of wider reforms to migration/integration policies.