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DIMITRA as a partner of the ECL Network

Since January 2013, DIMITRA ITD is a member of the European Cultural Learning Network. The partnership of 12 partners - representatives of 11 European countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Cyprus and Greece) aims to create a multidimensional Network for Vocational Education and Training for Cultural learning.


The Network explores cooperation in Lifelong Learning through the arts and culture at a European level. Specifically, the Network aspires to become a channel of communication through knowledge exchange between artists and members of cultural associations, training and education instructors, who support start-ups in the creative and cultural sector in order to ensure the matching of skills with labor market requirements.

So within the Network’s implementation, a research in the creative sector in Greece has already been conducted (in creative and cultural sector businesses, as well as artists and cultural workers who educate people on cultural practices) in order to detect and show all those elements that will enhance labor mobility across Europe, promote creativity and better recognition of cultural operators and cultural learning.

For the planning of the next stage of the program, a transnational meeting of the partnership will take place in Zabrze, Poland, on 12-13 September 2013. Partners will have the opportunity to discuss new practices to strengthen the network and the next steps of the project will be finalized.

For more information on the European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN), contact DIMITRA ITD, Palaiologou 19, tel 2410 -554026.