DIMITRA ITD in Romania for the European program MyBusiness

The project MYBUSINESS aims to foster the labor market reintegration of senior unemployed by empowering education and training to create their own business and develop their entrepreneurial skills and spirit.

To this purpose, the project shall create and test a customised action programme tailored to unemployed seniors interested in becoming self-employed or entrepreneur, on the basis on their own identified needs and barriers, strengthening their entrepreneurial skills and competences while taking advantage of their experience and promoting self-confidence, contributing not only to the creation of new jobs, but also addressing wider social and economic challenges related to aging population. Apart from tailor made training and mentoring modules (including learning outcomes), the Action Programme also include policy recommendations and cases studies. The partnership will develop a training program that besides the personalized training and guidance (including learning outcomes) will also include policy recommendations and case studies. On Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 of November, the transnational kick off meeting of the project MyBusiness will take place in Romania. During the meeting, representatives from Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Austria and Greece, will analyze the upcoming activities of the Partnership on the progress of the project. In addition, the actions which will be implemented in the initial phase of the project are going to be designed. For more information about the project please contact Mr. Vaso Anastasopoulou: 2410554026, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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